+ Botting will be punished with Freezing Penalty & Botting Posion.
+ Botters that are lower than 61 level will face 2.000 minutes Freezing Penalty & 4.000 minutes Botting Poison.
+ Botters that are higher than 62 level will face 4.000 minutes Freezing Penalty & 8.000 minutes Botting Poison.


In order to report a bot, use petition in game and type the word "bot" and his character name.

Freezing Penalty
It will freeze the user in his spot with a special animation. The Freezing Penalty time does not pass if you are offline from the game.

Botting Poison
Reduces your CP/HP/MP Regeneration by 10%, Atk. Speed by 4%, Casting Speed by 4%.



+ Only ENG languages are allowed.
+ Swearing a hero player on hero voice, 2.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Swearing a non-hero player on hero voice, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Using inappropriate language on hero voice in general, 3.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the "server" on hero voice, 4.000 minutes chat ban.



+ Flaming a GM Staff or using bad words regarding the server, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Expressions like "Leaving Server,free items" or similar ones, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Trading items on L2Gold for an other server kind of chats, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Selling in game items for real currency, 4.000 minutes chat ban.
+ Impersonating of being GM in chat or pm. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.
+ Asking/Begging GM for items or services. 4.000 minutes jail on all of your accounts.



+ Scamming is a part of the game and GM's will never take action in any kind of scam reports.
+ GM's will NEVER recover your lost/stolen items.
+ GM's will NEVER ask you your account password, be careful of NEVER giving your account details to anyone.

+ Sharing your Account has a 50% of you getting scammed in the future.
It's a risk a user takes trusting his friend or friends and sharing his login details, but in most of the times it results on an empty character or change on the account password.

+ Using a private store to scam by selling an item for an unusual price or using wrong text in store's description, 4.000 minutes jail.